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Hi Everyone!!

It’s been a looong time sence i wrote here but I feel that it might be the rigth thing to do until I get my thum out from my as and start doing an english version on my homepage. 

I think some of you have notice that I only got google translate and that it really doesn’t  work as it should ;)

Well things did’nt work out (once again) as I had hoped Sedona went empty but we will redo the mating between Sedona and Ozzy as soon she has her period again.

I think I got a message from faith last year and it was patience, thats my weakness I don’t have a lot of patience or well sometimes. Everything has it’s meaning right? 

My planes for Elvis this year is that he will be castrate and the we will get some course and I will get him into obedience. Thats my goal.

At first I had thougts to show him and maybe I will just for fun. But main goal will be obedience and tracking :) I would like to go for agility becuse of his high energy but with his bad hip status we have to go for things that doesn’t do it worse.

A final word  

My webbpage will get upgraded and get an english version as soon as possible just hang on there.

Lots of love /Sandra, Kennel Dalmalicious



Hi everyone,

From now we got a kennel homepage.



xx Sandra


Is thinking BIG!

Hi to you all my friends,

My head will soo start spinnig round and round it’s soo much to think about now.

Who said it’s easy with breeding strategy, think about this and think about that and who’s matching with her.

Straighter here, better there yeah you name it.

And then it comes to the pedegrees no not him, no not him , no not him ….hhhmmmm maybe?? ooooor not.

There is soo much to think about and I am the person who rather do it right and look month before I have chosen, than have a second thought when it’s all ready done.

Can it be that I am too careful?

I want too feel that it’s right … that good old stomach feeling…. Yeah now we are talking.

Is it wrong of me to go for the dream and look for THE OTHER PART that I think will be perfect to forfill them for me. 

One part is Sedona but I need one more to get there, so no I am not looking for a new man ;)  

I maybe countinue at this contribution later.

xx to all of you /Sandra


If things doesn’t work out as planed…

Hi everyone,

I am back. After all that has been I had to take some time to think things through.

It hasn’t been the best beginning of the year but I will **** make it a great year and turn things around.

I will not make this back step go against my dreams so now I will make a plan to go for it anyway.

How….?  Just wait  and see thats all I can say for now.

I still can’t say if Sedona is pregnent or not but I have begun to belive she isn’t  but I am ready IF she is.

 I make plans for every step right now.

I need to be ready for everything that will happend and some of the things I all ready thought through.





Well things isn’t allright now.

Hi to you all my friends,

Things isn’t going as I planed …. at all as it looks like.

I am a bit sad got Elvis hip results at tuesday morning,  tierd as I was after a night at work I had to look again and again and again to understand that I saw right. He got Hip score D.  It’s not good at all! I can’t use him as a stud,

I am still not sure if  Sedona is pregnant or not tough the ultrasound didn’t show anything we can hope it will be a little litter IF she is. Becuse Elvis is then the sire.

Well right now I am doing plannings if Elvis HD score showes the same in 6 month and if Sedona’s not pregnant and her hips is allright. I have to do this just to have a plan and hope for the best  in any ways.

IF Elvis still showes D hips at his scores at summer he will get castrate and stay with us of course, he belongs to our family and we loves him a lot though he can drive me carzy sometimes :*

If Sedona is expecting her do day is around 21/2 so it’s just to look her weight, and if she is getting bigger in size.

For now/Sandra 


Tomorrow :)

Tomorrow it’s time for Sedonas ultrasound, exciting!!

New pictures at Sedona



Nothing new….for now in the dog world.

Hi everyone!

22/1 Saturday Daniel  30 years, Happy birthday my love!

Much this week, Elvis results from x-ray and Sedonas ultrasound at wednesday.

Work this night  sleep tomorrow and after that WEDNESDAY :D




Elvis says

Hello my crazy friends, all off you with 4 paws.

Just hear me out,

My human was so sweet to me that morning 20:th jan. I could never guess that she was going to take me to the vet and when she told me I looked at her and gave her my why? look.

I feel fine…, she was taking something about hips and I just stoped listening and went to do some crazy things like eat some pieces of a puzzles or make Sedona mad.

Well after a while ”Pecka” came a friend to my humans,  I got my collar on and drug my human to the over snowed bushes and maked some yellow snow :P

I jumped in to Peckas car, very nice car.

After an hour we stoped at a place I never been to,  it was so many smells I couldn’t really understand what was going on.

I could smell a chihuahua, german sheperd , collie I almost thought we was going to a party.

But as we entered the door I understood we was at a vet clinic.

They had bones in baskets for free but my human did’nt let me get a singel one of them :(

It was others there too, a poodle and some dark looking ones with curly hair.

I tried to let my human understand that I just felt fine and that we could go home now, with the last meeting with the vet fresh in my mind. 

I steped up to this very low table and my human tried to get me standing still ohhh…she was looking how much I weight I heard her say 32,5 kg to the human behind the counter.

Once again wait, tried to get the time go faster with some singing, jump an kiss my human and greet at some humans that passed me by.

Now it was time,  the vet got us to a room it smelled funny the humna vet smells wierd I tried to tell her that she shouldn’t come to me with tha funny thing in her hand  it looked scary. Well up to a table again but this time it went up and my humna hold me tight then I realised that  tha scary ting wasn’t so bad the human vet told me that my heart sounds great.

But  then she had this very awful thing in her hand this is scary, a needle. Now I knew what was going on this was’nt the first time, hell no I was not happy at all and then i felt the pinch and then I was able to jump down to the floor. Everything felt strandge I was totally dizzy and my head and body felt disconected to each other. 

My human sat on the floor and begged me to lay down, I tried but my body didn’t want to listen so my human helped me and I fell asleep.

I don’t remeber much from the trip home but I was funny in my back legs for some hours after we got home, and I slept very much.

So If your human says that you have to go to the vet and you are feeling great DON’ T ……RUN instead.

- Elvis


X-ray day

Now Elvis has got his hips x-rayed soo now it’s just to wait until they have looked at it at SKK.


Sedona’s ultrasound 26:th :O

xx Sandra



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